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Manual 7

Manual 7


A Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Checklist for Tracking Neurotherapy Progress

  • 131 pages.

  • This manual consists of an extensive list of additional questions for most of the manual 3 categories.

  • Includes an extensive list of additional addiction questions for numerous addiction categories.

  • After a client completes the checklist in Manual #3, he/she and their support people are given additional items for the six highest-rated neuropathologies.

  • From their answers a customized checklist based on the particular client’s needs is created.

  • Clients and support persons are asked to complete this 50-60 item checklist on a regular basis, usually once per week, to document progress during training.

Research has shown that the efficacy of any therapy increases when both the client and the therapist are frequently informed on a detailed level of the progress being made


Disclaimer: The purchase of our manuals generally happens in conjunction with attendance at one of our Brownback Mason & Associates workshops hosted by Stress Therapy Solutions, participation in one of our webinars, or after individual consults with Tom Brownback. They serve as ideal adjunct tools to this instruction, but have also been used by professionals around the world who have not attended any of our presentations or personal consults. If you have not taken part in any of these learning experiences, it is recommended that you contact our office to learn more about our manuals.

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