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Dissociative Disorders

We have used neurofeedback for significant success in treating dissociative disorders, including dissociative identity disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder.

A 1991 Peniston & Kulkosky study added 30 minutes of alpha-theta neurofeedback to traditional treatment for one group of Vietnam combat veterans. The 30-month follow-up reported that all 14 traditional treatment clients experienced relapse and rehospitalization compared to 3 of the 15 neurofeedback clients. Alpha-theta neurofeedback training seemed to provide self-management skills similar to self-hypnotic or meditation skills that profoundly helped these clients.

Tom and Linda Brownback were among the first in the country to combine the traditional psychotherapeutic techniques used to treat dissociative disorders with cognitive-behavior therapy. Consequently, clients seldom need hospitalization. In addition, clients with a dissociative disorder may incorporate neurofeedback into their treatment programs to speed the healing process and decrease memory intrusion into daily living.

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