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Because our holistic, dynamic approach to psychotherapy results in quicker change and is more successful than most approaches, we have people who come from locations as far as three hours away to reach our Allentown office for regular sessions.

Many other people fly into the Lehigh Valley from around the country to see our therapists for customized intensive outpatient programs.

Because we offer a highly sophisticated form of home training, there are no geographical restrictions for people desiring neurotherapy.

“There seems to be a harmonized unity feeling within me. My new awareness makes eating more pleasurable. It seems to enhance whatever I am doing…My concentration has increased to the point that I complete reading books. I finished projects I started… The biofeedback and psychotherapy has helped me get in control of my life. I finally can accomplish the goals I set for myself.”

—Susanne, Former Client

What about costs? Because we provide such a wide range of services from our licensed psychologists and therapists, it is best to call and speak to Linda, our director, about your particular needs and interests. Since professional services are rendered to a person and not to an insurance company, it is necessary to pay at the time of the service with cash, check or credit card. Your insurance company is responsible for reimbursing you. We will help by filing your insurance claim on a biweekly basis, processing follow-ups and “lost” claims for no additional cost.

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