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Comprehensive Neurodiagnostic Checklist – The CNC-1020 - Existing User

Comprehensive Neurodiagnostic Checklist – The CNC-1020 - Existing User


Discounts Available:

10 Pack 10% Discount

25 Pack - 15% Discount

50 Pack - 20% Discount


The CNC-1020 is a 300 item checklist which takes the client a little over an hour to complete, and identifies 42 neuropathologies. Specifically developed for the professional psychological and/or neurofeedback practice, it is web based and therefore administered online in the convenience of your client’s home.


After the client has completed the checklist, results are available immediately. The CNC automatically calculates the probability for the inclusion of each neuropathology. The neuropathologies are then displayed on four color-coded International 10-20 System heads to indicate which placements are associated with each neuropathology.


[ graphics – show all four heads covering all neuropathologies]


• Guides the clinical interpretation of the QEEG, or mini QEEG

• Facilitates selecting the most appropriate electrode placements

for BrainMaster and Thought Technology Z-Score Training

• Enhances training without the use of a brainmap by guiding

placement selection

• Pricing includes up to 4 checklists per client, as up to 3 family members or individuals close to the client also may take the CNC

• Usernames and passwords for your newly purchased CNC accounts will be emailed to the email address you specify at checkout.

*** If you require access to your purchase immedieately and cannot wait for payments and accounts to be processed online, please call Donna at 610-434-1540.

At Brownback, Mason and EEG Professionals, we appreciate your involvement in the CNC/CTC 1020 program, an outstanding web based diagnostic service for you and your neurofeedback clients. Once your payment has been processed, in some cases it may take up to two business days, your order will be added to your account and you will receive confirmation via email from

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