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Biofeedback Therapy (Neurofeedback)

This video helps explain how emotions, such as depression and anxiety, can be changed by changing one’s brain–exactly what neurofeedback does.

“The biofeedback and psychotherapy has helped me get in control of my life. I finally can accomplish the goals I set for myself.”  Cynthia, Former Client


We offer two types of biofeedback; EEG Neurofeedback and Heart Rate Variability.  Some of the conditions benefiting from biofeedback therapy are hypertension, attention deficit disorder and attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder, Raynaud’s Syndrome, colitis, headaches, and anxiety. Biofeedback allows you to become an active participant in your healing and/or health maintenance. You can learn to identify changes your body makes in response to stress and to bring these responses under your control. This is accomplished through a painless, noninvasive method which feeds back information about subtle changes in your body and teaches skills of self-awareness and self-control. We offer thermal, EEG (neurofeedback) and heart rate variability biofeedback modalities.

A Quantitative EEG (or brainmap) is first completed in order to determine the best placements for ongoing neurofeedback therapy. Heart Rate Variability does not require prior testing.

While this news report features doing neurofeedback in a different way, our office has experienced similar great success in treating migraines with neurofeedback.

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