10 Things to Consider When Your Child/Teen Doesn’t Seem to Care

“It’s so frustrating! I want my kid to care about his grades, but he doesn’t!”

“I spend all this money on dance lessons and it’s like pulling teeth to get her to practice—she just doesn’t care!”

How often have you had that frustration? There are many reasons for this all too common parenting experience, and here at Brownback, Mason and Associates our comprehensive treatment approach allows us to analyze the cause before jumping in with solutions that may not fit the problem. Here are some things to consider:

Is your child/teen consistently getting enough sleep? Insufficient sleep reduces motivation.
Is your child/teen consistently getting enough liquids of the right kind (not caffeinated, not high in sugar)? Low in fluids results in a sluggish brain.
Do you want them to succeed so much that your anxiety pushes them away? Can you risk allowing them to struggle, even to fail, so they can learn the importance of being invested in their responsibilities?
Is he/she depressed?
Have you fallen into a pattern of pointing out what they are not doing, rather than focusing on small steps of success?
Is the activity one that is important to you, but not to your child? 
Do you suspect that your teen might be using marijuana or alcohol? Both lower motivation.
Could your child/teen be ill with mononucleosis or Lyme’s disease?
Could your child/teen have a concussion?
Could your child/teen have Attention Deficit Disorder or Amotivational Disorder?
We can help you sort out the cause, and we can provide you and your child/teen with solutions.

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