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What Clients Say About Us

What Clients Say About Us
“I cannot thank you enough for all of your help as we worked together on Walnut Street. The communication areas you helped me improve have been invaluable, in addition to many other important areas of teaching and, of course, the B & “healthy behaviors,” which I believe is formulas for success for all.”

–Bill, Former Client


“The biofeedback and psychotherapy has helped me get in control of my life. I finally can accomplish the goals I set for myself.”

–Cynthia, Former Client


“Your generosity and kindness is immeasurable! I truly feel you have helped me more than anyone ever has. Your honesty, knowledge, and insightfulness has gotten me through some trying times. I always looked forward to seeing you because I knew you would have an answer or reference for me…I’ll never find a therapist like you, but am grateful to have been blessed to have had you.”

–Deborah, Former Client


“I had been suffering on and off from major depression since my teens. I had tried all kinds of antidepressants and spent years in therapy with different therapists. Once I began working with Linda, I realized how gifted she truly was. She connected with me emotionally, and made me feel safe. She also used cutting edge research to tailor my treatment to my specific issues and needs. I remember remarking to Linda, “How is it that I’ve been in therapy for more than ten years of my life, and with you I’ve accomplished more in two weeks than I have in years?!”

Since working with Linda I have gone through some major life transitions (including the end of a marriage) with minimal distress due to the development of new coping skills. If these same events occurred even five years ago, I am fairly certain I would have fallen into another major depression. With Linda’s help, I have been able to recognize and acknowledge my own desires and strengths, including the fact that I can now ask others for help! I can’t thank her enough, and I would recommend her to anyone.”

–Sara, Former Client


“My son was diagnosed with autism at age three. He was completely non-verbal, made no eye contact with anyone, banged his head, flapped his hands, did toe walking, had no theory of mind, no understanding of humor, was afraid of loud sounds, and didn’t have the strength to pull himself up a playground slide. We did the brain mapping, and it seemed like Tom was able to do magic by the way he explained the results, and how they related to my son’s strengths and weaknesses. Then we started doing neurofeedback three times a week. Tom patiently explained everything to my son, and they worked together so well as a team.

“Over the next two years, my son learned how to hook up his own cap and electrodes, and help program the computer for his sessions. This entire process built my son’s confidence, both in himself and in his relationship with Tom and others. He started to laugh, to express himself, to learn faster, and to make friends! My son is now in a public school (without an IEP!), earning all A’s in ‘high ability’ classes (well, except for a B in art), on two sports teams, and enjoying everything from math to gym class. But most important to me, he has made real friends both at school and in the neighborhood. His smiles are worth more than gold to me, and I can’t imagine what my son’s life would be like if it hadn’t been for Tom.”

–Susan, Mother of Former Client

 I am so thankful to you for all the good advice and wise counsel you shared with me. You gave me many “tools” for dealing with my anxiety, sleeplessness and communication with my husband!

…Thank you, Annelie, for your compassion, your gentle guidance and Godly wisdom. I shall always be grateful to you. You were an anchor in my storm! Thank you! Thank you!

–Nicole, Client

Hi Linda,
Thanks to you and Jenn things are really starting to turn around for me. I’ve been to many therapists in the past but have never made this kind of progress in a short time! You definitely “get” my situation and I learn so much at every appointment that I can apply right away!

Thank you so much!!!!!

– Stephanie, client

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