Count Your Blessings to Combat Depression?

Depression can dampen your entire life.  World-wide, more than 100 million people are believed to suffer from clinical levels of major and minor depression.  Of people with depression, it is estimated that 70-90% do not receive sufficient medical treatment, do not respond to therapy, or do not have access to quality care.  Simple alternative, economical, and effective strategies for treating depression are being developed that you can try at home under the guidance of a skilled therapist.

New research supports an age-old concept for lifting depression–having a positive attitude.  Positive Activity Intervention (PAI) is a fancy term for the basic act of participating in positive activities.  Positive activities can include counting one’s blessings, practicing optimism, performing acts of kindness, and using one’s unique strengths.  A trained therapist can help teach you techniques to use at home that can increase your positive cognitions, emotions and behaviors, allowing you to reduce the symptoms of depression.

It may feel that the cloud of depression is ever looming, but you can train yourself to allow more light to shine in your life by counting your blessings!

Source: The Amen Clinics Newsletter, August 9, 2011

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