Alpha-Stim vs. Prescription Drugs

Side Effects: Alpha-Stim vs. Prescription Drugs

5 September 2017,

One of the most notable factors about Alpha-Stim is its ability to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain, without the negative side effects attached to most prescription medications.

In fact, out of over 100 clinical research studies, less than 1% of patients reported mild and self-limiting side effects, including dizziness (6 cases or 0.07%), skin irritation/electrode burns (6 cases or 0.07%), and headaches (9 cases or 0.10%).

Treating Depression

The most popular types of antidepressants are called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as Fluoxetine, Citalopram, Sertraline, Paroxetine and Escitalopram. The list of side effects, according to the FDA, for these medications is long, and includes a variety of symptoms.

A prescription for a patient who is battling a bout of depression can actually worsen and prolong the condition with side effects such as “thoughts about suicide or dying,” “attempts to commit suicide,” and “new or worsening depression.” When treating depression with Alpha-Stim, significant improvement typically takes 3 weeks or more of daily treatment. After the depression is under control, 2-3 treatments per week or less are usually sufficient to maintain good results.

Treating Anxiety

Anxiety can be impairing enough, without having to deal with side effects that slow you down even further. Alpha-Stim offers almost immediate relief for acute anxiety. Reduction is usually experienced during a single treatment.

“It was like it just melted the anxiety away. I could not believe the relief. How many times have I dealt with the anxiety because I didn’t want to take the drugs? Alpha-Stim allows me to fix my problem without stopping life. Life still goes on. To have a solution to the problem that allows me to go on about my life without any adverse effects i – Dakota Meyer, US Marine and Medal of Honor recipient

Treating Insomnia

Insomnia medication is often associated with a “hangover” type effect. There is no such effect with Alpha-Stim, allowing you to get more and better sleep, without any regrets the next morning. Patients usually see improvement after the initial treatment, but results may take up to 3 weeks.

Treating Pain

Alpha-Stim is Different

One of the most incredible things about Alpha-Stim is that it helps you feel like yourself again, and its lack of side effects ensures that you can return to your everyday activities, without having to worry about new illnesses being created in your attempt to treat the initial symptoms.

While some major prescription medications are highly addictive or have an accommodating effect (meaning that your body gets used to the medication and you have to increase dosage over time), Alpha-Stim is the opposite and treatments are cumulative. This means that over time, you’ll receive the same relief with fewer treatments.

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