ADD & ADHD symptoms does not always mean a Person has ADD/ADHD

Daniel Amen, M.D. of Amen Clinics has noted that “Outside of genetic predisposition, poor diet, and lack of exercise, there are a variety of reasons why ADD symptoms may arise in children, adults, and even the elderly.” He reports on his blog (March 6, 2014) that the five most common factors that are often overlooked as being the cause of Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity.

Symptoms are:

Head Injury
Lack of Oxygen or Toxic Exposure
Medical Problems & Medications 
Depression & Anxiety
Hormonal Factors.

Because the symptoms can be the result of a problem other than the presence of the genetically-based Attention Deficit Disorder, it is very important to have a comprehensive evaluation, which is why we have developed a four step neurodiagnostic process that precedes a client beginning neurofeedback (NFB). The QEEG or brainmap is at the heart of our neurodiagnostic evaluation.

The second step is the completion of our Comprehensive Neurodiagnostic Checklist (CNC-1020), which is an online, 300-item, questionnaire that is completed by the client (if age-appropriate) and any support persons—parents, spouse, siblings, etc., who would have relevant information regarding the client’s behavior. Third is an intake session to gather additional information, such as family history, medical history, etc.

Finally, a psychoeducational test battery is also administered to identify any additional possible brain disorders to be treated. We have found that these four steps allow us to match problematic cognitions, emotions and behaviors with dysregulations in brain function, which lets a person understand what the cause is of their ADD symptoms. And, this process allows us to create a very fine-tuned, highly personalized neurotherapeutic intervention for those who want to use neurofeedback to become free of their symptoms, whether the cause is ADD, head injury, depression or more.


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